“A man gave me some peonies once, and he said: Well, if you plant them just as we say, you dig a deep hole, fertilize it, spread the roots and put the dirt back on, and then, they may not bloom the first year but they will bloom for the next 100 years. That’s the way I think about literacy. You teach a mother and child to read and that family will read for a hundred years to come.” —Barbara Bush

Remember and Celebrate Mrs. Barbara Bush

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by Lori O. on April 18, 2018
Thoughts and prayers to the family of this awesome lady. A wonderful First Lady that represented our country with dignity.
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Each time a mother learns to read, a father gets a better job, or a child improves in school because of the work she began, Mrs. Bush’s legacy lives on. Take a moment to write a tribute that will honor her memory, perhaps a personal story or a word about how she inspired you. Let’s remember and celebrate her life!